Maari - Adventure at the Reef 

commissioned by KIKA, 3-6 years, 20 x 7', completed

Whether at the preschool, at the coral hut or in the dark kelp forest - there are all kinds of things to experience for Maari, Fin and Tuts on the colourful Blue Bay Reef. The unbeatable team solves every mystery and helps everyone on the reef – „Tentacle! Fin! Scissors! - The best team in the sea!“

Fieps - Little sparrow, big city

commissioned by RBB, MDR & NDR, 3 years, 13 x 3'50, completed

Every evening the little sparrow Fieps accompanies his parents on their evening flight. On his little excursions he experiences many adventures in the big city, which is slowly coming to rest. At the end of his adventure he always finds his way back to his parents. Then Fieps, happy and content, sits in his nest, looks at the lights of the big city and his eyes close with tiredness.

My Turning Point - Our Unity Episode 29/30: Entrepreneurship

Commissioned by ZDF Digital, Das kleine Fernsehspiel / Quantum. Nominated for the Grimme Online Award 2020

A short film based on the podcast double episode „Unternehmergeist“ by an East German jack-of-all-trades and shrewd businessman before and after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Seahorse Sisters – Protectors of Aquaria 

6-9 years/girls, 78 x 11’, Pilot in Production, supported by Thüringer Staatskanzlei

Seahorse Sisters is bigchild's wild and watery aquatic adventure series. Dive into an enchanting underwater world of adventure and join the secret protectors of the 7 seas as they learn, laugh and grow in friendship. "Dance and prance - Seahorse Sisters!"

Sleepy's Dream Team

A digital bedtime series, 2-5 years, 52 x 3’30, supported by Creative Europe Media, Thüringer Staatskanzlei and MDM

Every day Teddy bear Sleepy is woken up by Sunny whose bright warm rays burst into Sleepy’s bedroom. Time to get out of bed, eat a hearty, healthy breakfast and join Fleur the Fairy and Fluffy the Cloud. Together they harvest the precious dream dust, ready for Shooty, a shooting star, to scatter the dream dust in bedrooms all over the globe.

The Awkies - Awkward but awesome

In Development, 6-9 years, 26 x 11', supported by MDM and Thüringer Staatskanzlei, Teaser available upon request

In a world of dangerous hidden magic, they are humanity’s only defense. But humans don’t even know they’re here! 


Animation Service Work, 8th and 9th season of Kikaninchen

We were responsible for the animation for all cycles and special animations of the 8th and 9th season of Kikaninchen


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